In Loving Memory—Anne Woodell, 1936-2017

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The Oakland Municipal Band is in its second century! Performances are at the Edoff Memorial Bandstand, off of Bellevue Drive beyond Children’s Fairyland and across from the lawn bowling courts and Garden Center at historic Lakeside Park in downtown Oakland. The first concert of 2017 will be Tuesday, July 4. Additional concerts will be Sundays, July 9, 23, 30, and August 6. Please join us! (July 16, watch the US Rowing Southwest Masters Championships on Lake Merritt)


We are sad to announce the passing of Anne Woodell, the First Lady of Parks and Recreation in Oakland, past Mother of the Year, and the savior of many Oakland institutions, including the Oakland Municipal Band. This coming season will be dedicated to her memory.
Since 1912, the Oakland Municipal Band has been presenting free concerts at Lakeside Park in the heart of Oakland, California. It is one of the oldest musical organizations in the United States. The summer concerts are outdoor concerts at the historic Edoff Memorial Bandstand at Lakeside Park, making live band music available to those who may otherwise not have access to live music. The concerts reach out to underserved individuals such as seniors, young families and those on limited incomes who may not have access to a live, musical event. Lakeside Park is a cultural center of the city and the free concerts bring citizens of all ages and backgrounds together for quality music, picnicking and socializing. Some attendees have been enjoying the concerts for over fifty years!

The 35-piece band performs music from a variety of genres, including marches, classical, pop, big band, movies, international, show tunes, and more, for the enjoyment of the diverse population of Oakland and its surrounding areas. Our energetic conductor presents educational information about the various pieces being performed. In this way, we stimulate and nurture an interest among the audience in live music. We especially hope to encourage the younger members to pass on this tradition to future generations by playing live music.

All concerts start at 1:00 pm and last until 3:00. Bring a lawn chair or blanket, and a picnic lunch, and join us for our 106th season!