Edoff Memorial Bandstand Lakeside Park

Concerts are held at the Edoff Memorial Bandstand, Lakeside Park, Oakland, California.

On a trip to Europe in 1914, Paul Steindorff was inspired by a structure in Milan, Italy and its replica was constructed as we see it in 1918-19, and completed for the 1920 season. It was designed by Walter Reed and William Corlett. The construction was started by a two thousand dollar contribution by friends of the late James P. Edoff, former president of the Board of Park Commissioners. The cost of the bandstand was $55,000. The design included bringing stonecutters from Europe to complete the marble and limestone work.

Electrical lighting was installed in 1967.

The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the bandstand structure and it was closed off during the renovation by Carey & Company. The project was completed with $1.5 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds and Measure I- Life Enrichment Facilities bond funding and reopened June 27, 1999. During the ten years on renovation the Band played on outside the structure.

In the Resolution for the City Landmarking of Lake Merritt in 1979, the Edoff Memorial Bandstand is specifically called out as one of five structures that ‘shall be preserved.’


The Edoff Memorial Bandstand is located in Lakeside Park, Oakland, CA off of Bellevue Avenue. It is just past Children’s Fairyland, and opposite from the Lakeside Lawn Bowling Courts, home of the Lakeside Lawn Bowling Club, and the Garden Center at 666 Bellevue Avenue.

Paid parking is available on Bellevue Avenue. There is free parking available nearby on Grand Avenue and nearby. The area is served by AC Transit lines 11, 12 and NL on weekends. The nearest stop on line 11 is on Harrison Street at Grand Avenue. Line 12 stops on Grand Avenue at Bellevue Avenue, and line NL on Grand Avenue at Perkins Street. The nearest BART station is 19th Street, just under one mile away. Transit planning is available at Transit 511. You may also dial 511 for this information.

We are grateful to the Oakland Department of Parks and Recreation for providing this space.